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TU Berlin

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Research groups at ISTA

Chair of Fluid Dynamics

Prof. Dr.-Ing. C. O. Paschereit

Fluid System Dynamics

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Paul-Uwe Thamsen

Numerical Fluid Dynamics

Prof. Dr. sc. techn. habil. Jörn Sesterhenn

Departement of Engineering Acoustics

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ennes Sarradj

Propulsion Technology, Engine Acoustic

Prof. Dr. Lars Enghardt

Chair of Combustion Dynamics

jun. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jonas Moeck

Chair of Combustion Kinetics

jun. Prof. Dr.-Ing. N. Djordjevic

Chair of unsteady thermodynamics in gas turbine processes

Prof. Dr. sc. P. Stathopoulos

Laboratory for Flow Instabilities and Dynamics

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kilian Oberleithner